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Atlas Cycling TeamAtlas Cycling Team was founded in 1986 in Rethymno city. It has been an official member of the Hellenic Cycling Federation since 1987. Over the past years, it has successfully organized several cycling races and its athletes have been awarded in Cretan and National Cycling Championships. In 2013, a member of our team participated with great success in UCI World Cycling Tour, in Italy.

In 2010, our Team established the “Cycling Academy” for children from 7 to 15 years old. The “Academy” has been running successfully ever since, helping young children to unfold their full potential and skills and become members of our racing team as they grow up. Our primary goal is to familiarize them with the usage of bicycle as a means of transport. It is essential for us to provide bicycle safety education and teach them how to identify and avoid hazards and take all precautionary measures for their safety on road. If children wish to take a step further, we can introduce them to professional cycling.

Our plans for 2016 include:

  • Organizing at least 5 mountain and road bicycle races and participating in Pankritio Cycling Championship and National Greek Cycling Championship.
  • Developing actions dealing with the social aspect of cycling and its benefits for individuals, for the environment and the society as well.
  • Our city has all the necessary infrastructure for everyday, safe cycling: bike roads, pedestrian roads and parking spots. Now, more than ever, Rethymno is a bicycle-friendly city and bicycles can become the most widespread and commonly used means of transport. We will do our best to move citizens towards this direction and provide them with all the information and training they need to get on their bikes!
    The “Cycling Academy” will also provide courses for adults with both theoretical and practical sessions. During these sessions, attendants will learn how to ride safely in the city, abiding with the Traffic Regulation Safety Code.
  • Creating a non-formal pro-cycling network that will bring together all cycling teams and clubs in our county and boost their activity and performance.


Board of Directors

In October 2015 a new Board of Directors was elected. This committee decided to pursue all activities initiated by the previous board and develop new races and new projects. The new committee is composed as follows:

President : ΧρήστοςΤσικιντίκος
Vice-President : Ιωάννης Δαβαρίας,
General secretary: Ευάγγελος Παπαδάκης
Head of financies: Αχιλλέας Ντινόπουλος
Members : Μιχαλης Ταταρακης (responsible for the Bike Academy), Αχιλλέας Ντινόπουλος, Μάρκος Αγκαμαλιάν, Ιωάννης Τζουλάκης, Γκρεγκ Μανσετ (responsible for social medias)

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