Bike Academy

The Academy helps young children to unfold their full potential and skills and become members of our racing team as they grow up. Our primary goal is to familiarize them with the usage of bicycle as a means of transport. It is essential for us to provide bicycle safety education and teach them how to identify and avoid hazards and take all precautionary measures for their safety on road. If children wish to take a step further, we can introduce them to professional cycling (road and (road and mountain biking).

Training sessions will offer:

  • Theoretical and practical information about cycling
  • Diet & Nutrition counseling
  • Teaching bike riding techniques
  • Practice to ensure familiarity with bicycles
  • Instructions on how to repair and maintain bicycles
  • Road safety education
  • Regular workouts (including running e.t.c) in order to improve physical condition and well-being
  • Road and mountain bike touring
  • The opportunity to participate in cycling races between several clubs and cycling teams.

”ATLAS CYCLING TEAM”: Our competitive racing team!

Our racing team is called “ATLAS CYCLING TEAM”. It provides young boys and girls with the opportunity to engage in competitive cycling. Their hobby could lead them to great achievements and major awards!

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